Android TV Shutdown command

Hi guys ,

I have an Android TV ( Thomson 43UC6406 ) and i managed to wakeonlan it
but i can’t shutdown it with the same commands as windows display.
do you have any solution ? plz


just reboot -p should be enough, alternatively you can use the following:

svc power shutdown
am start -a android.intent.action.ACTION_REQUEST_SHUTDOWN
setprop sys.powerctl shutdown
reboot -p

it doesn’t work but WOL neither
I didn’t change the settings and im still connected with Ethernet
Moreover the layout i can see when i switch on the Screen is not the Default one
but the previous default layout

The commands will only work on rooted android device, it is also possible that your Android TV might use some different commands, I did not have a chance to work with this model to say that for 100% though.

I thought that WoL was working? At least your first post here implies that.

Regarding content, if you look at the player status window (Status button in Xibo for Android) does it show correct layoutId there?

Ok ill try to see how to root the TV but it won’t be under guarantee anymore ?

WOL was working with bash command and with xibo yesterday when i send the first message

Here is the Layout i want but the TV shows “LayoutTuto”

layoutWeb 's statut is like this but i can see it properly with preview

but the layout is also
working on my other screen

Unfortunately, in most cases it will void the warranty, yes.

Rooting a device will usually void any warranty you received with the device unless you get express permission from the device manufacturer / supplier before you start. We strongly recommend you get express permission for any action.

As for layout it has (!) status because presumably there are some online items on it - as such CMS cannot say for 100% that player will be able to display it, that’s perfectly normal status for layout with such content.

Assuming that player has internet connection and can access that online content then it should be displayed fine.

my player has an internet acces but is still displaying the wrong layout even if i delete the layout displayed
i can’t understand

We would need to see a screenshot of status window on the player (press Status from the action bar in Xibo for Android). That should tell us more.

Other than that, please make sure that the player is connected to the CMS and check the status of the player, perhaps also Manage page to ensure it has everything downloaded correctly.

i can’t do nothing when xibo player is on , but i reminded that i was in a trial week so that’s maybe the reason why nothing happened

Could you please elaborate on that? You can’t access the Xibo for Android action bar ?
Or do you mean that it is in production environment and you can’t touch it for now?

If by trail version you mean Xibo for Android 14 days trial licence, then that does not limit anything in the application.

When xibo is ON on the TV how can i access the action bar , never saw that sorry.

I have an access to the setting pressing the parameters icon on my controller . Or The Home button .
But nothing about Xibo.

Yes i wanted to say 14 days trial license .

Even if the license ended I can send some informations to the player with the server ?

I’m not sure, how does it work exactly on your android TV, but usually when you start Xibo for Android (or make any input while it is running ie mouse click/keyboard ) there should be action bar at the top (with Status button, settings etc), if you can connect a mouse to the TV perhaps it would be easier to navigate to it.

After 14 days trial will expire, if you will not have a paid licence to licence your android device it will stop communicating with the CMS.

when i right click with a mouse it quits the xibo client
when i left click nothing happens