Android TV Box Not being configured properly

This Player is not configured or ready to receive push commands over XMR. Please contact your administrator.

The logs also has this error
page: getXmrPubKeyString
message: Key Pair generation failure.

This is the specs of the device

Thank you for your message. I can see in the spec of your device that it is running Android 9. There is currently an issue report for Android 9 as the Xibo for Android is not functioning correctly on that version. One of the issues is with XMR.

The error you are referring to has been logged in the report already and will be investigated by the Development team. In the meantime we would recommend using an alternative version of Android.

My apologies for the inconvenience.

Many Thanks.

Hi DanBW, thanks for your response. I just want to ask if what is the ideal android version under android 9?

I’m not aware of an ideal version but I can say that I have been using Android 6.0.1 and have found the performance to be good so far. I’m not aware of any issues with Android 6 that affect the functionality of the Xibo Player but I cannot say that this is the ideal version to use. I do hope though that this is helpful information.

Many Thanks.

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