Android support

Hello, I am looking at using Xibo. I was thinking on using some android sticks to connect to the desired displays. My worry is unlike windows there is a new android version basically every year. All the android sticks I am finding are on 4.4. I am wondering how much longer we can expect Xibo to run on 4.x.x or will it be for a long while to come?

It should be for rather long time.

If we decide to use some features of android 5 or 6 etc then that will not mean devices with android 4.4 will stopped being supported if will just mean that some features might not be available on them.

On our list of recommended android hardware you will also find devices running on android 4.4.4.
It’s also quite possible that at least some of them will receive android 5/6 firmware in the future.

I’d say it’s nothing to worry about.

ok cool cool, just didnt want to buy a bunch of android sticks to have to buy more in a year or so lol. Thanks for the information. So far Xibo seems to be the best and easiest configurable open source signage!

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