Android Problem


I using Xibo for android. I assigned around 20 images, then some times Xibo client has been restarted.
Can you please help me!


Could you tell me which xibo for android version you use?
Correct me if I am wrong, you created layout with ~20 images scheduled it to display on your android device and after some time application closed (without any crash/error message) and restarted, correct?
If you could schedule it again and see if you can reproduce it? (mainly see if you can see a pattern - ie that it crashes always in the same time - between 2 specific images for example)


Hello Peter

I using Last version (1.7R54). Yes, Absolutely correct, I tried with another layout and have same problem.


Ok, I believe it is similar (if not the same) issue as here:

Just to confirm could you please take the same steps as in this topic?

  • reduce number of images to lets say 4-5 and see if it will close the app or not
  • you can also export your layout(with all images) and send me a link via pm to download it, I believe it will be the same problem as in the topic I linked

Other than that, same as there, I can tell you that we are working to fix this.

Hi Peter

I sent to you


I reduced number of images to 4 and its working well. Hope to find a solution about this issue

Thank you

I noticed the same problem with many tickers (10 more sources) in the Layout in a region.