Android player setting options are not available



I am facing an issue that on my android player when i click on xibo setting, sometimes i see a large number of options like, startup delay, password protection and all.

But then i only able to see few options like , storage location, replace splash screen, hardware key , check root is available and install with ADB thats it. NO more options.

Please let me know how to see all the options.


The options you are referring to are only shown on the Player if:

  • The Player is connected to a CMS that is a version before the Display Profiles were added.
  • If the Player is not connected to a CMS at all.

The options are not lost though, you will see those options in the Android Display Profile. To access the Display Profile, log into your CMS, click the Display Settings option, click the down facing triangle at the end of the Android Profile you are using with your Displays and choose Edit from the menu. You will see those missing options are now here instead.

Many Thanks.