Android Player not downloading content?

I have an Android player that I just set up and licensed. It did the initial download fine at corporate, but then when I added another video to the playlist, it simply hasn’t downloaded it. It is a .mov file, but I was able to play them before using the same device when I was doing testing. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Please can you share a screenshot of the status screen. It might take a couple of screenshots to get it all if you need to scroll down to see the bottom.

Do you mean the log screen?

This just repeats through the whole thing.

No I mean the Status screen from the Player please.

Ah. That will take a while. It’s at another office.

OK. Well the “Error in register” messages would suggest that at some point the Player has had no connection to the CMS so perhaps there’s connectivity problems. That said it has managed to return some logs so there has been a connection at some point.

The Player status screen will show us the state of play properly though.

I came in this morning, and it did update. This was after I changed the download window from (2200 to 0200) to 2000 to 2350. Is the download window unable to cross over midnight?

So there are some issues with the download window to do with local timezones. The best thing you can do is look at the status screen which will show you what the Player has converted the download window to. If that looks correct, then it should work. Generally leaving it set to 0:00 - 0:00 is what you want as that means download all the time.

Hmm. The device is in the same timezone as me and the CMS server. I saw a spike in download activity last night (after changing the window to not go over midnight)

I have to have a download window set because we have limited bandwidth available at our satellite offices. I will get the status screen this afternoon when I am out and about. I was sick yesterday.

Am I right to assume that you are not using 1.7.5 CMS?

This bug with timezone affecting datepicker and stuff was fixed in 1.7.5.

So you might want to update to 1.7.5

In earlier versions:
The problem was that the CMS was saving the time in GMT, the Android Player parsing it in local time

Side note
About Memory alerts, please see this article.

I am using 1.7.5 and the latest Android version. I only just got this set up a week or two ago. The issue wasn’t that the player was updating at the wrong time, it was not updating at all. It updated after I changed the times to not go from evening to morning - I changed it so that it doesn’t go 10pm until 2am.

Hm ok then, I’ll try to recreate this problem, perhaps we should investigate it further.

For now:
Either as Alex suggested set it to 00:00 00:00
or 20:00 23:59 if that is working fine for you.

Thanks. I will go ahead and get the status screen this afternoon.

Ok Drew I can confirm that we do have a problem with midnight crossovers in Download Start/End time and Android client.

I’ve submitted a bug for it here:

Thanks you for bringing this to our attention.

Ah. Thanks for that! That looks like it’s the problem then.

The problem also effects windows players - and the update window setting