Android player licence check

dear sir…
I suggest to add key board short cut for license check like (L) for example such as the other keys:

Options available from R206
Connect a keyboard and use the following options:
i - To access the Status Logs
c - to access the ‘Connect to CMS’ page
s - to access the Settings menu
l - to access the licence check
because some of the android 7 devices prevent the action bar

Hi Promedia, welcome to the community!

I have responded to this question in the helpdesk, please can you use those instructions to license your player. Please also note this is not an issue that effects Android 7 specifically. It is more commonly seen with Android TV devices.

In case there are any other users who would like to know how to license the player when this occurs:

  • Click the C button on your connected keyboard to access the connect to CMS page.
  • Chose the Skip option to access the Activate License page.
  • Enter your email address for your license pool and click Activate to make a license request.
  • Once you have received confirmation the player is licensed, you can return to the main player window.

Please also note that if you are using Xibo for Android R203 or newer, with CMS 2.3.0 or newer, plus you have XMR configured, you can also send a license check command from your CMS. You will find the option on the Displays page in your CMS, when you click the button at the end of the entry for the player you wish to license.

Many Thanks.

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