Android Player does not update well


We have two players. One in a windows and another in Android. These are:

The player based on windows works fine. However, the Android based player does not update. This is the configuration of the display

I don’t know what value I had to put in the field “collect interval”. Or maybe is a problem of the download window start time and the download window finish time.
Well in resume the display has been on for more than two hours and has not yet been updated.
How can I solve it? Thanks


You should set your download window to be the default (00:00 - 00:00) initially.

I think it is that that is preventing it downloading any content.



I have changed the download window time to 00:00 - 00:00

Xibo starts but it seems to be hunging because it doesn´t show any layout. I have to reset the player or leave it for a while to see if it is updated?. I’m afraid it will not update at all.

Everytime I make a change to the layout is changed in the player or is the slide updated only when the player starts?


If you change the content, then the Player will update itself either when the CMS notifies it of the change (assuming you have XMR configured and working properly), or when the Player polls for new content (which is the collection interval you’ve configured).

If it isn’t showing your layout, then first go to the Modules page of the CMS and click on Verify All, and then next check that your layout is valid.


I think XMR is configured well because I have no problem with my windows player.

I have verified all modules but nothing has changed. I am going to restart the player.


Be sure the date, time and timezone are correct on the Android device too. It can’t work if those are wrong.


Thanks. Time and zone are correct on both.

The parameter Colect Interval is set to 30 minutes. Do I have to reduce it?


You can do.

If XMR is working properly, then there’s no advantage to lowering it.

For testing, you could set it to 5 minutes and see.