Android Player (alternative)



I am looking for a player that I can buy in the Netherlands.
Android seems to be a good solution for me, so I have found something like this:
Do you think this will work?

Just my thought: The DS-devices run on Android and the X96 runs on Android V7.1.2 Why is there such a difference in the Android Version?

Hopefully there is someone here on the forum who has some experience with this hardware.

Regards, Peter


Hi Peter. This may or may not be helpful information but I thought it best to mention that the DS Devices DSCS9 runs on Android 6, just in case that helps with your decision for an alternative player.

I have seen the X96 Mini mentioned in the forum so there are users in the community with some experience of that device. I hope they are able to respond to your message and offer some feedback on the performance.

Many Thanks.