Android Licensing

Hey there!
I am working on a project that I decided to base on Xibo for android.
However before I begin I have to ask a few things.
As the system will not be public but rather in the facility of a company and they have weird policies the entire thing will run on a local network only. Yes ! No twitter feeds, no RSS, no Internet.
SO my question is:
When I pay the android license fee how does it work for offline ? It says it will check every 30 days for its license.
Any input will be appreciated :slight_smile:


You could use our on-premise(offline) licencing module (150GBP+ VAT (if applicable))

Please see ‘Licencing your Xibo for Android Display’ and On-premise licensing articles for details.

If you’d have further questions, perhaps consider contacting us via support ticket

Thank you for the response.
To be honest I did not expect this as a further expense.
So if I understand correctly I can not register them once on-line and then leave them offline?

You can, although you would need to reconnect them to the internet in the next 30 days (basically they will need to check with our licencing server every 30 days (after 14 days they will try to connect to validate the licence, if they won’t be able to do that between 14-30 days then they will be no longer licensed).

I assumed that it’s just not possible for your devices to have the internet access, in which case on-premise(offline) module would be the way to go.

As I said its a company policy that no internet can be installed for this part of the system nor the server (again once installed the system will run on local network only. ).
My only option is to activate them before installation on-line and hope that after I can use some sort of off-line license that can be installed manually every month.
Also from the links you provided:

"Note: that if the client can connect to the Spring Signage licence servers it will do and licence directly from us, so you need to ensure your Android clients don’t have any access to the internet. but It’s important that the wifi adapter in your device is enabled.
To do this, you can simply forget any defined wireless networks in the Android wifi device manager."
This is a big problem as my hardware was specifically chosen NOT to have WiFi.

could this be a problem ?

Some time ago it would be a problem, but now it shouldn’t be necessary (MAC can be obtained from different adapters as well)

As for the licences, if your devices won’t be able to connect to the internet at all, you will need the on-premise(offline) licencing module that I mentioned in my first reply.

Sorry but I seem to be stupid or something.
If I understand correctly:
I have to buy 6 android licenses for 19 euro with no VAT
on-premise plugin for 190 euro with no VAT
And I still need internet on the server ?

Or I got it wrong ?

Apologies if I wasn’t clear (also I’ll use GBP ( £) for prices) .

Xibo for Android licence - £15+VAT (if applicable) per device.
On-premise(offline) licencing module - £150+VAT (if applicable)

As I said with the on-premise module, your devices will not need internet connection - that’s pretty much the point of this module.

Edit: I’ll now reply to your ticket :wink:

Got it !
Sorry I have too much things on my head and I`m getting confused at times …
Thank you !