Android Intent on PPDS 2050Q


We are using CMS V3.0.1 on Android Player V android 3-308.

Display = Philips Professional Display 2050Q series.

We have received API documentation from the manufacturer and are trying to send Android intents to the display to perform hardware-level changes. Below is a screenshot of the intent we have. Can someone please guide me on how to structure this command within the CMS?


Hi XiboFan4282.

Your intent appears to be to switch to an alternative source on your display. As of Xibo for Android R302 the Video In widget has been supported on Philips signage SoC displays, which should allow you to switch between the HDMI, DVI, DP and OPS.
PDF files are supported in the layouts already with a dedicated widget, USB, Media Player and CloundCMS are not.

As a test could you try using the Video In widget to see if that works with your 2050Q?

Also, Iā€™m not familiar with this model, what version of Android is running on your display?

Many Thanks.

Hi Dan,

Thank you for the reply.

We are using Android 9.

I will test the video in feature and revert. However, i believe the intent documentation is for changing the source at a hardware level, just like how one would execute via a remote.

I have tried the command via send command (android intent) however nothing seems to happen. I may be getting the format wrong.

Would request for help in figuring out the proper way of using this information when setting up a command.


Thank you for your reply. This conversation should be transferred to the help desk, as we will likely need to escalate this to the developers to confirm if this can be created using the standard intent command formatting, or if dedicated changes would need to be made to the Xibo for Android player for this to work.

Please also note that when using an intent to navigate to another app, source or service, you may need to have some sort of intent/action that would return to the Xibo player, otherwise you may not be able to return to the Xibo player after the source has been switched. With this in mind you may find that using the Video In widget and remaining within the Xibo player whilst showing other source inputs would be a simpler solution.

If you can create an account on the Xibo portal website and open a ticket we can provide further support and discuss your options.
Please feel free to put it for my attention and to link this post for context in case another member of the team collects the ticket.
If you can also add the following information to your ticket it will help us to escalate your query faster:

  • What parameter options are you looking to use from the above intent?
  • Are there other API intents you want to use with your 2050Q?
  • Do you have have other Philips SoC models that you plan to use intents with?
  • Please provide some background about your setup to help give context to your use case.

Many Thanks.

The command builder should be able to help with this:

If you wanted to enter that as a string command you could do it like this:


As Dan says, we do have some PPDS specific handling for video in, which has the advantage of keeping the player open and able to change content to different layouts, etc.

Thank you, Dan and DanBW,

We managed to get some of the commands to work via the CMS. Turned out there was a firmware update required on our display in order for the intents to work.

Thank you for the help.


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