Android for x86

I have install Andoid for X86
And after the xibo client on this.

xibo, display the background picture, put not nothing more.
I have the region, and some logo with ERROR wrting.

A solution ?

What CMS and player version are you using please?

What android device are you using? (mark, model, android version).

Is the player connected and authorised with CMS?
Is the layout valid in CMS?

Perhaps show me a screenshot/photo of status window on the Xibo for Android player.
(to show status window you’d need to press Status button in Xibo for Android application on the top action bar).

Thanks for you answer (excuse my french…)

I use xibo 1.8.10.
It works perfectly, with the other player (windows)

I am testing the android player.
As I say, I am using android for X86 :
I have installed it on a laptop, Toshiba satellite Pro L300

The layout is valid
The player is connected and authorised

You will find under all the screenshot

as you can see, the background image was download by the player, but I have some error …

Maybe it is just because “Android x86”

hum, i can put only one image for one post …

second image.

as you see, the backgroud image is ok.

The player is connected and authorised

I am using xibo 1.8.10.
I have three player on windows. it works perfectly

Here I Have installed on a laptop, toshiba L300
Maybe it is the problem !

The problem is your proxy settings.

You need to exclude “localhost” from going via your proxy in your device’s network settings - where you already entered your proxy details.

It works.

thank you for the help

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