Android client: video freeze, and gap with little black screen

HI ,
I would use xibo with android TV client ,
Android 6.0/ Amlogic S905X Quad Core / 2G DDR3/16Go
and latest xibo client 1.7 r62.

I have to explane i only use 1 layout, 3 region.
1st region is on button for ticker RSS.
2sd region is for time.
And the 3rd is for information (Same layer for waether, 3 video, Car traffic (Sytadin html) map

Sometimes video freeze, but no full client:
movie begin 1sec, and freeze, long as video layer and for the rest everything is ok.

Other problem:
Before all video i have a small black screen or transparency screen 1/2 sec , not displayed on windows client and not displayed with “test layout”

Video is in layer H264 mp4 720P on left of screen.

Please help !

Sounds like a hardware issue. Maybe a bad box, or somthing else eatting the CPU or resources. I woudl suggest to uninstall all non essential apps, and see how it works.

thx for answer, after some cycle , i find problem.
first is because i was tick “surfceview”

And for freeze i find solution:

I convert video with Adobe media encoder choose / 720p ANDROID and problem disappear !
At beginin video was encode in HD720P.

Now i have problem with forecast Rrrrrrrr. I’ll post new thread …
thx again