Android Client stopped Auto Startup

Hi I notice that a few of my Andriod Clients has lost the auto startup function. The clients are on 1.7R55 running on CMS Version 1.7.4. On the CMS, under Displays Settings, the Andriod profile has been configured to auto start during startup. And the clients in question are part of that profile.

There’s a user configurable delay on startup before the app will actually run. That’s to allow storage devices time to settle. If you’re patient the app will launch. I think the default is 60 or 90 seconds.

You can lower the delay if you’re sure the storage on your device will be available sooner.

Hi Alex, we set it at 60 secs and the apps did not start after waiting for 5 mins, I ended up reinstalling the apk a few times and it finally worked. We have about 60 clients and growing.

So it was an issue with a specific installation?

This may not be your issue - but it must also be set to allow automatic restart in the display profile.