Android client accept cookies

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I have an issue where the webpage i’ve added to my layout displays a cookie popup when loadaed. The Android client is ’ 2-213 ’ and the server is on ’ 2.3.10 '.

The display is very remote to me, and I do not have any remote connection to it. Is there a way to configure the client through the server to accept cookies? Is there a command that can be sent from the server?


Hi @audio.apps ,

The only way to remove cookie popups is either to accept them manually, or to use a website that does not display a cookie popup.

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I have successfully authenticated myself on a web page using a small region with a JavaScript snippet in a corner of the layout that contained a command to input authentication in the username and password fields.

Perhaps you can do the same with JavaScript that accepts cookies from your web page.

Ask for assistance from ChatGPT if you do not have experience with JavaScript programming; it can help you.

Note: This is not a straightforward task, but it’s worth trying if it’s crucial for your needs.
Note 2: this may be possible only in Android clients.

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