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HDMI-CEC extra commands - switch display input

Guys, excellent news that Xibo finally supports turning screens on and off by schedule!

Please don’t stop here with this! There are interesting use cases like ours:
The customer in a sports venue has Xibo-based signage (14 screens) using DSCS9 and Samsung TVs. Until now, person had to walk through the entire venue with a remote control in his hand to turn on each display before the event, and turn it off after the event finished. Now with HDMI-CEC this will finally automated.

However, a small part will still remain manual, switching some of the screens to TV input when the sports event is broadcasted from an OB van. It looks like this: 14 displays are turned on in the morning to display various info through the CMS as normal, but 2 or 3 of them are switched to TV (antenna) input when the match starts, and switched back to Xibo when the match ends. This is done by a person with a remote control in his hand.

As far as I know, HDMI-CEC also allows input switching. Let me suggest to your dev team to extend HDMI-CEC with this. We would then simply schedule form the CMS an input switch for the displays requiring this.

It would be soo proffessional. I assume this can be very vendor-specific but the way Xibo handles commands is perfect, any commands can be added with parameters to the system, so one would only have to fill in the specific vendor-strings right in the CMS.



Hi Robert

It’s largely down to the folks at DSDevices that this has been possible so far. I’ve pointed them to your feedback. I’m glad you’re finding that functionality useful :slight_smile:


I am in contact with DSDevices in other matters, but thanks.
Now we’re focusing in making sure that displays we’ll be deploying in the future can be remotely switched on/off via Xibo :wink:


Hi, I agree with @robreg . I Think that there are a lot of things to do with CEC.
I aslo need to switch the signal on TV antenna from 8pm to 11pm. I know that xibo dev team is enought skilled to create the code :slight_smile:

On this way, we can imagine that one day xibo will manage some other connected devices (like turning a light on or off )