Android and DSCS9

Dear Xibo Signage

I just want to say this… the DSCS9, with xibo android, it’s another planet compared to the windows version (which is actually fine too, but… android seems a better choice). Amazing. We are so happy.
And so many working features.

Just one more thing. The “hole” right after status led, I think maybe it’s called “Nic Led”, is maybe useful for something?


Thank you


Ok, I discovered what’s that “thing”. It’s a brightness sensor!
thanks again for this amazing digital signage hardware :ok_hand:

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Thank you for your comments and taking the time to post!

We love to hear about the experiences from our users, and very glad to hear how happy you are with Xibo for Android and the DSCS9 :grin:

Did you tried something with this sensor? are you able to control the brightness with hdmi-cec?

Sorry for the delay
I tried the sensor, but is not working with my monitors…

That is an IR sensor to be used with remotes, not a brightness sensor…

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