ANDROID 4.4.1 Video problem (4.4.2 in fact)

I use Xibo since 2 years i install it on 10 screen it’s an amazing solution.
But, now, I have a little problem with a vertical display.
I’t a full HD vertical screen with basic android 4.4.1, everything work except video .
Try with .avi, with .mp4 (who work with an other display )
I can read video with player, i try to install VLC, but already the same problem " Black screen"
The only difference i try to play 720p movie in small small région ( Like 600 x 782), i don’t think it was the problem.
I don’t see any problem on screen…
Someone can help me please?

Thank you for the screenshots and background information.

Xibo for Android requires Android 4.4.2, meaning the Firmware on your device is out of date. Xibo for Android also uses MediaServer, which is the built in media Player for Android. As your version does not meet the minimum requirements, it is likely the issue is due to the video codecs not being supported.

I would strongly recommend upgrading the Firmware on your Android device to resolve the issue. You will need to contact the manufacturer of the Android device you are using and ask for a copy of the Firmware, if it is not available from the manufacturers website.

In case you are not able to upgrade the firmware of the device, I have included below a link to our recommended Android hardware.

I am currently using Xibo for Android 1.8 R108 on an Android 6.0.1. I would be more than happy to test your Layout on my device if you would like? If you would like me to test it, please Export the Layout and send it to me in a private message.

Many Thanks.

Hello , thx for answer !
In fact, i’m on 4.4.2 … strange…
It ran on XIBO 1.8 R103, doesn’t work,
Try with 1.7 r64 same problem,
Try with 1.8 r108 already the same Rrrrrr.
Server is on 1.7.9 and work like a charme with android 5 (Chinese video box )
I have 5 display ins same time, I would add vertical display .
This display running on android , I can’t upgrade it.
I try to play video it work with native player, I see the video in android xibo folder.
I’m lost…
The video is the same i play on all player (.mp4 from aftereffect (720 p mode for android)

Up :frowning:

pleeeaase any idea ?

If the video is not playing on your Xibo for Android Player, the issue is very likely due to the version of Android you are running, not supporting the codec of the video.

I would recommend converting your mp4 to a different codec, to see if this resolves the issue.

Many Thanks.

thanks for answer,
No .I think not
i try with .avi or .mov, it was the same.
And , when i use a file explorer ,
i can read .avi and .mp4
This display don’t have other hdmi or system .
i must have to use the android inboard.

Xibo for Android uses your device’s own video playback capabilities to show video. If videos aren’t playing then it’s likely your device can’t play them.

If videos play in another application that’s not a valid test as video playing applications often bring their own codecs, which Xibo for Android won’t have access to.

You can try changing the storage location in the Player settings. Some older devices can only play videos from the emulated SD card in the device and not from private storage. Go in to the settings inside Xibo for Android, and try one of the other storage locations.

Many thanks, i ll try this quickly.
evry time i would play on sda1.
I never test onboard memory.
I cross finger
back the result in couple of day.