An optional notification that will inform users that media items will be deleted


A new feature that will allow users to set a notification, which will inform them in advance that media items are due to be deleted when an expiry date has been set on a media item.

User Story

This suggestion was inspired by the following community post: HELP! My media file has been deleted

The above post made me consider the possibility that a user may set an expiration date on a media item and for various reasons may wish to change their mind at a later date. If the expiry date set is incorrect or forgotten due to the length of time that has passed since it was set, it is possible that the item will expire and so be deleted without the knowledge of the user.

With this in mind, I wanted to open discussion about the possibility of a feature that will inform users via an optional notification that an item is due to expire/delete a set time before the expiry/deletion is due, for example 24 hours. The notification could let the user know the ID and name of the item, so they can investigate further and remove/amend the expiration date of the item if necessary.

Any input from other community members would be great, in case there are any other use cases or details I may have missed.

Many Thanks.

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