All layouts invalid in smartphone


I’ve tested xibo(14 day-trial version) for android with Smartphone, ‘Samsung Galaxy note1’ and ‘note3’ before purchasing decision.
Though they are not your recommended hardware, they have 1.4GHz dual-core, 1280x800 resolution and 2.3GHz quad-core, 1920x1080 resolution respectively with android version over 4.1.
I followed your installation guide but found a log message: 'Layout cannot run as it has a region without any media assigned.'
I tried other various layouts(even simple layout with only background image) successful in window client but failed.
Secondly, I checked time-zone in both window server(CMS installed) and android device.
I also changed date.timezone in php.ini through XAMPP.
Is there any other solution I can?
I need your help and advice!

Many thanks in advance

Hi Kevin

The message you’re getting says that you have a region with no valid media in it. If you have a look in the layout designer there will either be a region with nothing in it at all (in which case delete the region) or you have a region with a media type that Xibo for Android doesn’t support - for example PowerPoint.

A “simple layout with only a background image” would also be invalid as it has no regions on it. A valid layout must have at least one region, and all regions must have at least one media item in them.

It would be well worth having a look over this FAQ as it explains some of that in more detail:

If that doesn’t sort it out, some information on exactly what is on your layout and screenshots of the status screen within Xibo for Android will help us understand the issue.

If you’d prefer not to post those publicly, please log a ticket with the Spring Signage Helpdesk (

Best wishes


Hi, Alex!

Many thanks for your quick and kind help!
As you explained, I checked my layouts & regions again and found one blank region error, which did not cause a problem in at least window client.
After deleting it, Xibo for android works well with Gal note 1 & 3.
Now I can go to next step, the connection between Gal note and my old LCD TV.
I will check a resolution, stability and device’s heat for long time play.
Thank you again!

Best regards,


In that case Keven it’s a bug with the Windows Player. It should reject layouts with regions with no content in them, as Xibo for Android is correctly doing.