Alert for Expired/Pending Content in Playlist editor

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This request is for an alert icon or text to be shown with content in the playlist for the new content expiry feature in Xibo 2.0. this could either be color coding for the clock icon or the playlist item altogether (yellow for pending, normal scheme for active, red for expired), or explicit text indicating the status. This could also potentially be accompanied by a hover tooltip with the schedule status (Starts playing 6/1/19 at 2:15 PM; Expires 6/5/19 at 1:00 PM)

User Story

I am currently evaluating Xibo 2.0, and the content expiry feature is something that will have huge application for some of my users. The problem is in my testing so far, you don’t really have an indication of what items in the playlist are active vs pending/expired when you apply start/end times. The layouts I’ve evaluated as potentially using this have several content items in a region that are currently rotated out and have additions made manually. I noticed that while the expiry feature as is would help ensure content disappeared in a timely manner and allow users to stage content ahead of time, it might be hard to clean up without certainty of which items have expired or haven’t shown yet.

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Our second developmental preview for the 2.1 version; 2.1.0-alpha2, includes a ‘Delete on Expiry’ checkbox which would remove the remove the Widget from the Playlist.

Does this solve your issue?

Definitely a good option to have in there and I foresee people using that!

Still, I feel that some visual indicator would still be nice for cases where people don’t want to select that, as well as to indicate items that had not yet started displaying.

this does solve IMO.
The checkbox “Delete on Expiry” is the most common way to go with. Please do add this to the version mentioned or earlier.


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