AJAX not working correctly in player

I’m new to Xibo. I have a webpage that pulls data from another page via AJAX. We tested this in the preview and it looked ok. But in the player nothing happens. I ran Fiddler in the background and found that the AJAX page was never called. What is the best way to debug this?

What version and what player (Windows/android) are you using please?

Could you let us know the web page url so we can try it on our devices here in the office?

Unfortunately it’s not a cloud version, but I can post the html. I’m using jquery for the ajax. Not sure if that makes a difference. My query looks like:

$.get(“GetQMSChart.aspx?days=” + days, function (xmlData) {

But what’s the best way to debug?

We updated to 1.7.9 and still no luck. But we did find something. We’re running these pages on a dual screen configuration. If we run it on a single screen everything works ok. So not sure what’s going on. Unfortunately we have two giant monitors set up so a single screen won’t work.

So you will want to either

If those should be 2 separate displays:
2 Xibo for Windows instances running on a single PC so this - http://xibo.org.uk/manual/en/install_windows_client_multiple.html
You will need to open player option and change the Display ID, this way you will have two records in the CMS.
The you will want to create new display profile with fixed location (offset) and assign it to second player.

If it’s extended display (I kind of doubt that)
1 Xibo for Windows, custom display profile with resolution to match your two monitors, in this case layout would also need to match this resolution.

Thanks will try… but would this address the issue of the AJAX not loading?