Agenda Slider Time Does Not Match CMS Time

Hey guys,

There seems to be a bug with the slider for the schedule agenda view where the incorrect time is displayed on the control:

You can see the mismatch between the slider above and the events that are displayed below.

It doesn’t appear to do that all the time - I have an example where it appears to be correct - perhaps a bug also involving date/time format and timezone.

Can you tell us what you have those set to?

As a side note, the grid content appears to be right for if the slider was at 10:55 - hard to say whether the position is right for that, but it certainly could be.

I agree, the position seems correct. I think it’s just some kind of timezone issue with the labelling

Our timezone is “GMT-7 America, Los Angeles” and the format is “m-d-Y H:i”

Thanks - we will look into it

Would you try to edit line 281 in web/theme/default/js/xibo-calendar.js as below:

    return moment.utc(value*60*1000).format(jsTimeFormat);

Good News: That fixed the slider and made the slider match the events.
Bad News: That made the events show up at the wrong times.

I think if you edited the same line with:

return moment().startOf("day").minute(value).format(jsTimeFormat);

that might work