After upgrading to latest windows player, player exe missing, even after reboot


After updating the xibo player on a windows pc running windows 10 version 20H2 64bit.

The xibo player exe is missing from the c:\program files (x86)\xibo player

I’ve tried rebooting, repairing the installation, uninstalling and reinstalling and many various combinations of the above.
everything else appears to be in the c:\program files(x86)\xibo player, admittedly I don’t have a definitive list of files that should be there.

The version I’m installing is this one xibo-client-v2-R256.7-win32-x86

If I system restore my pc to before this update I can once again run the original xibo player.
If I try an update again It goes through the process of installing a .net framework as part of the player update and once again completes but the player exe is missing again,

I haven’t checked the original player version on the pc itself but the cms reports the old player version as windows 1.8.10-132

Any ideas what I can do to troubleshoot this problem ?



Thank you for your message and the details about the upgrade. I suspect that the issue is that you are trying to upgrade from a player version prior to the R25x series of players, which will not work. Can you try uninstalling the current player, then installing R256?

Many Thanks.


I will try this later on, however I’ve found some similarities to other posts on this forum, previously after several uninstall/reinstalls I’m getting an “ended prematurely” message:- so will try the workaround listed in the thread below.

(https://ended prematurely)

That links to here -->

Also there is one in this thread
Windows Player installation failure - which then takes me to a workaround associated with powershell, but then ultimately it says that this has been incorporated into advanced installer version 17.1 updated last May, I’m guessing this is already in the install I’m using or i’m not using the “advanced” version.

Anyway I’ll try both your suggestion and the “ended prematurely” fix later this evening if that doesn’t work, when the screen isn’t in use and get back to you.




Short explanation - success - thank you

Long explanation

Well it took a while to sort this out as the system restore took about 4 hours to get me back to the original 1.8.2 player.

Anyway I uninstalled player version 1.8.2
I noticed after uninstallation that a lot of contents remained in c:\program files(x86)\xibo player
so I completely removed that folder/directory.
I then installed the R256 player, during installation it installs C++ 2015, i incorrectly mentioned .net in my original post.
Once installation completed I noticed that the client player exe was indeed present.
It correctly picks up the previous players cms location and key and is still authorised and launched the layout so all good. So I can now go back to using the player , I was temporarily running a webpage from a 3cx wallboard within a web browser, I can now show this from within the xibo player with suitable additional regions, and as the xibo player was also turning on/off the tv, that functionality will now return too.

Anyway got there in the end, even if it’s now the middle of the night, thanks for the assistance.


Great news and thank you for the details of how you resolved the issue! I hope the details in your reply also help other members of the community if they should find themselves in a similar situation.

Many Thanks.

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