After update to v3 no longer fetching remote datasets

Hi everyone!

We updated our cms from version 2 to the latest v3.0.3. Everything went fine except the remote datasets we used with v2 are no longer updating. Last sync is exactly before the update yesterday. We checked the logs without success even with the loglevel “debug”. Does someone had a similar issue or an idea where to check?

thanks for your help and suggestions,
Oliver, WND

Hi, check the Fetch Remote dataset task in your CMS for the following:

  • Does the fetch task show as active?
  • If you highlight the last status icon for the task on the Tasks page, what does it say?
  • Is the layout containing the Rdset scheduled to at least one player?

You could also try restarting the task.

If there does not seem to be any issues we would suggest that you follow the report fault steps and run the fetch task in the new window. Once completed, collect the logs so we can take a look and see what happened when it tried to fetch the data for the remote dataset.

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