After few loops - Layout Unsafe error

Windows 10, Player 256.7 - CMS 2.3.8 docker installation

Using “videoWall” solution of 2 starched displays, content is playing well for couple of loops.
then layout return to Logo with error “Layout Unsafe”
I have tried to transcode the media (3 concurrent videos) to lower bitrate (based on Core-i5) without any luck

Layout has 3 regions and content resolution match the regions:

Error: 2021-02-22 14:21:25VideoMediaElement_Loaded: 3526 Open not called after 4 seconds, marking unsafe and Expiring.

full player auditing logs:!AiwZQTgZ6_5rjfFJcECFq172b28yzg?e=igbX1G

Downgraded to version 255.3 - this doesnt seems to happen there.
tested on 2 different PC, both produce this error on 256.7
downgrading to 255.3 - no error appear anymore - same layout, same display settings…

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Delayed response, but we created an issue for this here:

Between 255/256 we added a lock check to ensure that videos started in a timely fashion (4 seconds), to cater for cases where a video failed to load and notify Xibo, leading to a “stuck” black screen.

It seems that in your case though 4 seconds is not long enough - perhaps due to the nature of the layout containing many videos.

As this is a lock, I see no issue increasing that time out beyond that to say 10 seconds to see if that solves the problem. We will also add a local setting called videoStartTimeout which you can adjust if 10 seconds still isn’t enough.