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Hey Guys!

We have a customer with relatively special requirements and I don’t yet know how to implement this in xibo. It’s a local open-air cinema that wants to promote its film program.

Advertising is scheduled to start tomorrow and will show movie posters for each film. So far we have been working with the “Interrupt Layout” scheduling. (The customer has purchased a fixed share of voice.) The poster of the film which comes first is only to be shown until the evening on which the film takes place. After that, the SOV should be distributed to the remaining posters.

Unfortunately, you cannot select campaigns and assign them an SOV with “Interrupt Layout”. Is there perhaps a why around? the fact that posters of films that have already been played are no longer displayed can certainly be solved manually if necessary, but that with the SOV would be a huge effort…

i hope there is some way.

Thanks for your support!

I think I would put all of their posters on one Playlist, and give each one a “to date” representing the last date the poster should be shown.

Then I’d create a Layout and add a Sub-Playlist widget, assign the Playlist you created to the Sub-Playlist widget and pick “Enable cycle based playback?” with a play count of 1.

Then I’d schedule that Layout using the Interrupt system as you have done already, with the overall share of voice.

Each time the layout is played (each cycle) only one of the posters will be shown, and they will automatically be excluded once their to date has been reached.

I think that ought to work nicely, although I haven’t tried it myself.

Good luck! :smiley:

Hey Dan,
thanks for your reply!

it partly works! there is somehow a problem with the cycle based playback, which I already noticed before. when the layout is played, all playlist contents will play in sequence. I probably set something wrong… here is my configuration:


Can you spot the problem?

Thank you very much!

What you’ve done looks fine to me - are you sure you’re using a windows player which supports cycle playback, which was R302 I believe?

Do you have something else in the schedule loop? If it is only this layout then it will play out exactly the same as with cycle playback disabled.

Hey, the version is “windows 3 R301.1-301” wich is the latest version on this page: Downloads

I never noticed, that this is not the correct page… iam so stupid :joy:

Thanks for your help, i will try to update the version this night and try again.

For anyone else looking for our downloads - they are here: Download Software | Xibo Open Source Digital Signage

I hope that solves your issue!

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