Additional Transitions (Crossfade / Fly in without removing old media)

I noticed that Fade In / Out, and even Fly transition between pictures following each other in a region is not happening correctly.

The transition is not done between the current picture and the next picture, but is done bewteen the current picture and the background, and then between the background and the next. This looks dull.

For example when you use Fly Out / Fly In, the previous picture flies out to the background, and the next one flies in on top of background.
The correct way would be to both start flying at once, looking like the next picture is pushing off the sceen the previous one.

If you just use Fly In, the previous picture disappears, and the next one flies in above the background.
The correct way would be to fly in on top of the previous picture.

If you just use fade in, the previous picture disappears, and the next one fades in from the background. The correct way would be to fade from the previous picture.

All this on the latest CMS 1.7.4 and the latest available Android client (.R55).

Hi Robert,

I assume you tried it with different durations (in milliseconds) etc, and you still don’t like it?
I’ll take a look at it, later today - if you could export your layout with transitions, just to test it on exactly the same media files, that would be great. You can send it me via pm.


Hi Robert,

That is not the way it works - it is designed to fly in and out separately as it does at the moment.

To me your requirement is a different transition or perhaps even a new module which understands you want an accordion of uninterrupted images.


Well, according to the names, a Fade In + a Fade out should go through the background.
A simple Fade In, or a simple Fade Out, should basically present the same effect, fading the previous picture into the curremt, or the current into the next one, respectively.ű

At least, that’s how Fade Ins and Outs work on a timeline, if you look into any existing video editor or slideshow generator software, even PowerPoint. That’s why I think this shouldn’t be a new requirement.

Peter, I wanted slow transitions between full screen images (like 800-1000ms). At each transition it goes through the background, which makes it really, really dull.

I am not disagreeing that it would be a nice idea to offer a “fade through” type transition or an accordion type, etc. However that is not the way it is currently intended to work.

Internally the prior media is completely removed before the new one is shown, regardless of the transition applied - again, this is exactly how it is intended to work.

I’m quite happy to convert this to a feature request as I can see why it would be useful to have the options you mention.

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OK, that would be nice.

Think about it, when you havethe same image with text changing. The effect would look like only the text is fading.

Dan’s right here. The effect is Fade Out / Fade In - not a crossfade which is what you’re describing.

I’ll mark it up as a feature request, but it clearly isn’t a bug as the current behaviour is correct and as intended.

OK, a crossfade is something we would really like to see then.
Thank you very much in advance.

Indeed, a crossfade, just like music. If you would compare it, if I choose in a media player fade… you would assume, you don’t hear any silence, but it can happen, because it is not CROSS fading.

Anyway, it would be a very nice feature, as described by Robreg, so I am in also :smile:

I also really like to see crossfade and maybe even more transition effects.
Fade out/in do not look as smooth as a crossfade would.

Alex, I see you put it on the list as a feature request back in 2015. Is it now on the roadmap?

I agree with Fredrik,

I’m demoing the system on the 14 day trial for a client and that is the #1 Thing they don’t like.

They are using a simple slideshow with 20 Transitions and me showing them 3 and no crossfade is giving them pause

on purchasing to convert there network.

They think it will not attract enough attention to the monitors and cause their clients to quit them.

Any plans to include crossfade for images in nearest future ?? We really like your software, but we cant use it on our outdoor screen (17x17 meters) without crossfade. It is requested by council people.

It’s not on the roadmap currently no.

Just want to add my vote for needing crossfade. Xibo would be the ideal solution with that feature. Other providers offer crossfades, but lack major features of Xibo. Just need better transitions on Windows! Please!

Hi Guys, Any news on the crossfade functionality for android?


Just like ovcmanchester, there is a very high chance that this feature will be requested by our customers. Do you have any news about it ?


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Hi all,

is there anything new in this case ? We also would like to crossfade pictures instead of fading in/out them one after the other …
Unfortunately i cannot manage this in our 2.3.7 Install yet … or did i miss something ?

Kind regards,