Adding user groups to a user is not working in xibo for android 3.0.8 self hosted

I have installed a xibo for andoid cms 3.0.8 in my machine.


I have created three user groups with names XYZ, xyz1 and xyz2 with a
copy of the usergroup ‘user’ with some additional privileges. Then i
have created a groupadmin with user name admin , with same privileges of
the usergroup. After logging in as admin(the group admin) , i have
created a user with name ‘test1’ with the initial user group as xyz1.
When trying to add the usergroup xyz2 to the test1 user, its showing
‘access denied to usergroup’. But if i go to the usergroups , select the
group xyz2, and add the user 1 as a member, its accepting. It is easy to
add the members from the user than going to each user group and add the


I logged in as the super admin. I have created a user with the with the
initial user group as ‘XYZ’. When trying to add members(user groups) to
the user by clicking on user groups under that user, its showing only
one page of user group, even if i am having 20 user groups. In this case
also, i need to go to each user group and add the user as a member.

  1. When a user try to create a layout using a template, its directly saved as a template, not as a layout. but when super admin creating a layout , it can be seen

Pls help e resolve this.

Thank you in advance