Adding new page


I’m planning to add a new page in xibo on click of a button in display page. I have created the php file, but it is showing page doesn’t exist.Kindly help me with this. :frowning:
Thank you.

Hi Diljith,

did you find a solution for add new page ? I am dealing with it but I can’t,

pleaseee helppp mee :frowning:

You want to enter a page in the backend or the player?

If the player , you should have it on a web server , either public or locally on the PC, and configured to interpret php.

You can see that page in a browser outside Xibo ?

sorry for my bad english :wink:

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I don’t know the answer to your question 100%. It’s not what I do. Unfortunately jumping up and down because nobody answered your question inside 24 hours won’t make me know any more than I did before!

I’m 100% guessing here, so have a full refund if I’m wrong!

  • You need a file in lib/pages for your new page called say newpage.class.php
  • You’d need a database entry in the pages table similar to the stock ones:
  • You’d need a data class in lib/data to provide the functions for your page - say
  • You’d need a database entry in the menuitem table to add a menu link for the page
  • You’d need to grant security privileges so that your users have access to the page and the menu item to access it
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Alex’s guesses are correct and accurate.

The framework is old, so there are little caveats - it will be changing the 1.8 to be fully MVC. If I were you i’d start with one of the other pages as your base (something simple like the dashboard)

Hi Hector/Seher,

I’m sorry for the late reply. I couldn’t add a new page.Now I’m trying as Alex mentioned. :frowning:

Really sorry to wake up the old thread but I need to know if your problem was solved if so how ? I’m trying to add some new pages to this but not having much luck.