Adding images with WSIWYG editor

As the topic states, when adding images with the WSIWYG-editor you only have the option to select images from an url. Which in my opinion is so poorly developed.

Is there anyway to enable so that you may add images from your library or even upload a picture within this editor?

The Text media type isn’t designed to show images. That’s what the Image media type is for.

I’ve just returned to xibo after a long break (1.2ish) and stumbled upon this ‘feature’ too and immediately thought “this is could be a bit of a game changer if taken to its logical conclusion”. I understand the history here, but the fact that I could add an image URL to a text item in the rich editor and have it “just work” just opens up some very interesting opportunities for us and it seems like an intuitive step to a great new feature by linking it to xibo media (even if you may want to call it something other than ‘text’).

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And if it were called something other than text then you would have a very valid point, however it is still called text.

I’ll move the thread in to the Features section so it’s considered for future development