Adding Elements / Links to the Top Nav

I need to link an own Website in Xibo.
So I want to edit the Top Nav.
The content is visible with Rightcl. + Q
Whats the name of the file/data ?

The menu is generated from the database.

You would need to add both the entry to create the menu, and then appropriate permissions entries for your users to be able to see it.

Wich table / column do i have to edit ?

The menuitem table is where you need to start

And then ? I want to create a element for the top nav

??? and then i added the button, but where can i assign the link ?

You set the external column to be 1 and the args column to be the link you want to visit.

The code showing how the menu is generated is here.

In 1.8 you simply replace authed.twig with your own version using a theme and include your additional links in the Twig file.

Thanks you very much

Working now :blush: