Adding Arguments to a URL for remote dataset

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I am attempting to access an API that I do not control to get lunch menu data. I can manually enter the API URL and get the data I need. However, I need to specify a date range by adding “MM-DD-YYYY/MM-DD-YYYY” to the end of the API URL. I have a dependent dataset that gives me both the dates needed as a string in the correct format. When the Fetch Remote Datasets task runs, I get an error that shows the end of the API URL is being set to “?02-18-2021%2F02-18-2021=” The data I’m adding to the request is as follows: “{{COL.Date}}/{{COL.Date}}” There seems to be extra characters being added that I did not specify.

This can be closed now. It wasn’t very clear that I could use the substitutions in the URL field.

The dataset is now being pulled in correctly.

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