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Would it be possible for a display to be transmitted directly to the folder on which we are positioned?
Indeed, only a super administrator can currently add a display because it is the only one who can see all the displays… I would like another profile that a super administrator can add a display, but when he adds a display by code, this one is added well, but he does not see it… It requires the intervention of a super-administrator to move it to the folder so that it is seen by this user with the intermediate profile . In short, it would simply be enough for the display to be added directly to the folder on which we are established for it to work. Or, if you have another solution…
Thank you for your help.

Hi, I am not sure I totally understand what you are wanting to achieve? Are you saying you want non-admin users to add/manage Displays without the need of a Super Admin to move to a Folder so that they can access? Or do you want Displays added to a Folder when adding to the CMS?

There is a pre-configured user group which would give users access to all Display Management features without them being a Super Admin user: User Groups

The Display Manager has limited scheduling capabilities but full display management Features enabled

Does this give you a solution?

Hello again,
And thank you for your quick response (as usual!)…

In the documentation (Xibo Documentation | Xibo Open Source Digital Signage) it says "Pre-configured User Groups are available for new v3 installations and for users who upgrade to v3 who have not previously used User Groups in earlier versions! »… This is the case for me… I was already using User groups in V2… I think that’s why I don’t see the new groups listed in this documentation (Content Manager , Display Manager, etc.).
Is this my problem? Do you have a solution for me to get these new groups from V3?
Otherwise, I created a group and gave it all the rights to “Scheduling” and “Display Managements”, but that’s not enough… They don’t see the new displays created.
Thank you for your help.

So, could you tell me why the new groups “Content Manager , Display Manager” do not appear on my CMS?
And why does a user with all the “Display Managements” permissions not see the new displays (I have to assign rights with the super-admin so that he can see them)?
I would really like not to give super-admin status to all display managers, as I did with V2 of the CMS…
Thanks for your help.


So the ‘new groups’ are only available to new v3 installations and for those that upgrade who have not used User Groups in earlier versions. This was a decision made by the team as it was felt would be the less problematic route when introducing new groups/permissions that may affect existing setups.

At present, only Super Admin users can see and authorise any new Displays, the same for V2,as again it was felt that this could cause issues if User Groups were given full access by default. This is the same logic for other elements throughout the CMS, Layouts/Campaigns etc with a Super Admin user having the ultimate control and responsibility to Share with the other users of the CMS.

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