Add the ability for xibo to sync displays (menu boards that change at the same time)

would be nice for xibo to sync displays so that they change at the same time.
that way if you had a bounch of menu boards, they would all be able to change to a new screen at the same time.
you could do some really interesting things with that if you use videos. like picture a line of displays on a wall. you could have them dance down the hall. or follow someone on an escalator.

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this could be done with an addition to the CMS for adding the ip of a display to sync to a particular display, then modify the player to use this to communicate to these displays with those ip’s so that one acts as a master. (the one you add the ip’s to in the cms) and the rest (the ones whose ip’s you added) would listen for the polling data and activate on that. just have it issue a change command to those ip’s via tcp or udp should be fairly fast. you don’t even have to specify any data int he command, just a change. that way whatever is next in the display schedule or playlist is shot to the screen.

Interesting, but how it would work in cloud environment, through the internet?

Hi could you please explain in detail or step by step procedure of how to setup that master and slave as it would be very much helpful for me to display content in my lobby. Thank you.

You could perform, but with personal development in web, unchanged in Xibo.

With tri-fold 2 websites communicate easily, from there it’s just find the desired effect.

Similar concept demo:

Sorry for my bad english! :wink:

it could work in cloud by either setting up VPN for all locations to a single client that shares through newtek API "
the way the software works is you install it on both clients and server. then set up the “server” to “share” the application. once clients are set to receive that source. your done.

if you download the app from newtek (just google newtek NDI) you can download it free.
just play around with it on a few local systems and it’s simple to up scale network and use VPN

This “feature request” needs to be escalated. UPVOTE!

It has been somewhat “teased” with XMR but, you’re right, simply sending instruction via PHP backend doesn’t work - not really synced.

Has this even been started to be look into, other that having hoped the “latency” issue with XMR would be an issue?

Hard to invest in as a modern menu board solution.

I’m not saying to use a discovery protocol, etc. - which would be nice… even if it had to be configured manually per device - still worth it.

Perhaps common config between devices, forced to use same source NTP and confirmation, etc.

Anything at this point…

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