Add Parameter Ticker - ( No Ticker )

Currently the Twitter module has a feature on the Advanced tab that is very interesting (No tweets - The message to display When there are no tweets returned by the search query)

This option is relevant to the Ticker module.

See the example below:

A ticker that returns the name of the company’s birthdays for the current day. There is possibility of the current X (day) does not have birthdays. Rather than treating this variable by XML, we could have this analysis by Xibo, facilitate the user to integrations.

Dan, I had already opened in the community last year.

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OK fab - targeted:

This will be very nice for us too - we publish an RSS feed internally for “Today’s Events” and use a Ticker in Xibo to display it…

Works great except for when there are no events today. Then Xibo doesn’t display “no data”, but rather seems to cache the info from the last time the feed had entries. I think this will resolve our issue :smile:

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