Add new "Current Status" display view to CMS "Displays" dropdown

Guys, I’m checking the current status of my displays from the CMS, and I always have to jump between two views, in order to see what I need.

I’d like to add a new view type to the displays list, but so far I wasn’t able to figure out how to do that.

Basicly what I’d like to see in one page as a new “Current Status” view type are the following fields:

Checkbox, ID, Display, Status, Current Layout, Storage Free, Logged in, Last accessed, Screenshot?, Thumbnail, DropDown menu

Any idea how to add this extra mod?

Thanks for your question. I’ve moved it to the Dev section as appropriate and someone will answer when they are able.

I don’t know if you had a opportunity to look at 1.8 alpha, but in this version it’s quite easy to do what you want, because there is a ‘Column Visibility’ button which lets you simply click on columns you want to see. ie:

As for 1.7 not at the moment I am afraid, someone will answer when they are able.