Add Custom Weather Icons File - Xibo 1.8.1 Docker

With the Docker version of Xibo, it becomes a little harder to swap out the weather icons for custom ones. But here is how to do it.

I will assume that you already have the icon file made. I will also assume that you already know how to address the file and icons in the widget.

So I will only be covering how to swap out or add the “custom_icons.png” file.

Like other non-docker versions, the “custom_icons.png” file needs to be placed within “web/modules/forcastio”. To do so on the Docker version of Xibo, you start by bring down the cms-web container. Edit the paths to a location you can access. I choose to keep with the folder configuration suggested by Xibo.

I created a “modules” folder within ../cms/web.

Next I added the path to the container.



Follow this by copying “custom_icons.png” to ../cms/web/modules

Bring back up your docker cms-web container.

Now “Verify Modules” from the modules page within the CMS.

You should now see your custom weather icons.

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