Add custom font Android v1.8


Hello, is it possible to add any font that will be displayed on android client 1.8?
How many custom fonts can we add to an android device?
Only TTF?
Thank you


The Xibo for Android Player supports more than the TTF format, I have uploaded OTF and WOFF fonts for my Android Player that both work well. For a full list of supported Font formats, select the Modules option in your CMS, you will see in the Valid Extensions column for Fonts that TTF, OTF, EOT,SVG and WOFF are all valid.

You can add as many Fonts as you would like to your CMS, please note they are not added to the Player directly but instead Uploaded in the Media section of your CMS, as you would with any of your other Media Content. You will then be able to select the Font you have uploaded when creating or editing any text items in your Layouts.

Please note with Fonts that they require the correct Permissions to be used with Xibo. The OS/2 Flags must be 0 or 8 to be used with your Layouts.

I would recommend attempting to upload the Fonts you would like to use, if you find any do not work as you would expect, please let me know.

Many Thanks.


Thanks Dan, it works!


Brilliant, that’s good to hear!

Many Thanks.