Add a button to Check / Uncheck all folders when creating a user


Our Xibo database is increasing with new users and user groups and we are using the folders to store everything (layouts, media, displays…) they own.
At the beggining it was simple to select the folders a user can access when we were creating them. But now, as the number grows, we have to manually deselect all the folders to allow just one.

My feature request is to show all the folders deselected and add a button to toggle SELECT/DESELECT all folders.

Here’s the process :

Add a user

Select a group

Fill the fields

Everything is checked !

We have to uncheck ALL the folders one by one to only leave the one we want :pensive:

It is time consuming and it would be really great to have them unselected at first state or, at least, with an “unselect all” button.

Can you please make it possible ?

Thank you!