Actual video play time


Can Anybody please tell me that how to know the actual video play time?
Whether the related data is captured in Database?


Rahul Krishan Goyal

If you have access to your CMS library folder on your web server, then you can check it there (or download it from the CMS).

The CMS web ui does not show it, when video duration is set to 0 it will be displayed for its full length.

1.8 CMS will show the full duration in CMS Library page (by default).

Hi Peter,

Thanks so much for the response.

Can you please what does that ‘stat’ table stores?


Basically the information you can see on Statistics page in CMS (proof of play statistics).

You can see how many times certain layout or media file was displayed on certain display in specified time frame etc.

To see statistics there, ‘Enable stats reporting?’ needs to be enabled in Display settings -> edit display profile assigned to your device.

Thanks so much Peter.

But, in ‘stat’ table, there is difference in time in ‘startdate’ column and ‘start column’.

Can you please clarify the reason??