Access right super admin can't access report statistic page

Hi Dan or Alex,

I have problem when access report statistic page as super admin access right.
if i saw in log report the problem is

  • Granted admin access to page: report

  • SELECT DISTINCT , menuitem.Args , menuitem.Text , menuitem.Class, menuitem.Img FROM menuitem INNER JOIN menu ON menuitem.MenuID = menu.MenuID INNER JOIN pages ON pages.pageID = menuitem.PageID WHERE menu.Menu = ‘Advanced Menu’ ORDER BY menuitem.Sequence

  • Authing the menu for usertypeid [1]
    Why super admin access can’t access Display statistic pages ?

i also tried

  • Permissions on System Objects (pages and menu items)
  • Permissions on User Objects (media, layouts, displays and schedules)
    but nothing happen.

Thankyou for your help.

What CMS version are we talking about here please?

If your user is a super admin type it should have access to every CMS page, including statistics.

CMS ver 1.7 , already fix lol

btww another issued comes, i login as group admin, but can’t view display

thanks for your kindness

You will need to assign permissions to
Displays page (page/menu -> topnav)
and to individual displays.