Access Forbidden 403 Windows Client Player

Player Version

Windows Client Player Version 3.303.0.0
Windows Server CMS Version 3.0.5


When the client tries to connect to the server, it runs into below error:
The request failed with HTTP status 403

Please help!

Hi acetine,

There are a couple of possible explanations for this error.

The first is that you may have Force HTTPS set for your CMS but you are not using HTTPS. If this is the case and you are actually using HTTP, please unset the force HTTPS settings in your CMS.

  • The global setting is in the Settings menu in your CMS, under the Network tab:

  • The Windows profile option is in the Display Settings menu. If you click the button at the end of the Windows profile and choose Edit. You will see on the Network tab the option is there:

Please note that we recommend using HTTPS to make sure your CMS is secure. The CMS installation guides include advice for setting this up.

The second possibility is that the hardware ID/key for the player may need to be cleared. You will need to follow these steps exactly as described,

  • Close the player and watchdog and open the Xibo Player Options application.
  • Click the Advanced tab, then click into the Hardware ID/Key box. Hold the Ctrl button on your keyboard and click A. Now click the Delete key.
  • Try clicking the Connect button to see if the display reconnects.

Many Thanks.

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