Accept Cookies by default


I’d like to display a website like “”.

Unfortunately the page displays a popup window asking to accept cookies.
I’m fine with accepting them but I’ve no idea how to do that so the popup window stays visble which I can’t accept. How could I avoid appearing the popup window oder have it disappearing within a second?

or doesn't make a difference.

Is there a settings I could activate in order to have the player accepting all cookies by default?

Player version is 2.57 Windows

Thank you!

We have no control over popup messages from websites.
The only way around it would be to contact the website owner to see if they could offer a way to disable the popup, by passing a URL parameter for example.

Thank you

Depends on which browser you want Xibo to load. If you are using Chromium, open de website first in Chrome, accept cookies and don’t let chrome delete files when you close the browser. Accept cookies, close Chrome and open Xibo player.

Same for IE.

There are also chrome extensions available to auto-accept cookies. This works for me with Ad-blocker and youtube ads.

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