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This category contains the user manual, frequently asked questions and troubleshooting guides for the Xibo for Android signage player.

Xibo for Android builds on the signage players already offered by the Xibo Project and aims itself specifically at Android Devices. It has been designed from the ground up using the latest native technology for Android and supports all the major media types provided by the Xibo CMS.

Xibo for Android is a commercial display player available from Spring Signage, the sponsors of the Xibo Project. It communicates with the Xibo CMS using the same message format as the open source players and can run alongside the open source solution without any modifications.

A licence per display player will need to be purchased for continued use of the application after the 14 day trial period.


Xibo for Android is available for download from the Spring Signage Download Centre as an APK file. An APK file is an installable file recognised by Android. There will always be a version of Xibo for Android that can run against the Xibo Projects supported releases (starting from 1.4).


Updates to Xibo for Android will be released from time to time to fix issues, improve functionality and provide new features. We match our updates to the Open Source Project so that when a new version of Xibo is available, there is a new compatible version of Xibo for Android to go with it.

There are two types of update - minor and major. Minor updates are always provided free of charge and will contain fixes to issues and small improvements to functionality. You can upgrade your software with a minor update without any big changes in functionality.

Major updates may have an upgrade fee associated with them, although we will usually waive this fee for licences purchased recently. Major updates usually coincide with a major release from the Xibo Project, such as the release from 1.6 to 1.7.


Xibo for Android will run on any device with Android 4.1 or higher. We recommend that you select a device with a good GPU and plenty of RAM. We have put together a list of recommended devices that we have extensively tested. There is also a Device Compatibility Guide for other hardware that we have not directly tested but is being used by some of our customers.

Our recommended devices are the ones we use here and therefore have been tested for the longest and proved to be capable. We strongly recommend you use them, but please make sure you are satisfied before placing an order.

Please make use of the 14 day trial period to test with your intended device and ensure that Xibo for Android runs to your satisfaction before purchase.

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