About Xibo for Android

Xibo for Android has been designed from the ground up using the latest native technology for Android.

Run on any device with Android 4.4 or higher and run against a self hosted ‘on-premise’ or Xibo in the Cloud CMS.

Low cost, efficient hardware that comes with a simple one-off Player Licence fee or opt for a Subscription Licence with either monthly or annual recurring payments.

Download the Android APK installer file and try for free for 14 days!

Xibo Player Comparison Overview video

Further information can be found in our Administration Manual:

Xibo for Android Installation
Upgrading Xibo for Android

Hardware Recommendations
Android Player Settings
Players without an Internet Connection
Running Xibo for Android
Rooting a Device
Restart a Rooted Device with a Shell Command
Remote Administration with SS Helper
Managing Storage on the Android Device
Android CEC Screen Power on/off with DS Devices DSCS9

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