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Please post here for Xibo for Linux Player community support!

The Linux Player is a native linux application delivered through the Snap Store. This Player is Open Source and free to download.

Xibo for Linux is a new Player and so we are working on bringing the functionality up to the same level as the other Players: Feature Support.

For assistance with the Xibo for Linux Player, please complete all relevant information in the form prior to posting your issue.

Our Support agents monitor topics within the ‘Help’ categories and provide a response when they are able to. We cannot guarantee to answer every question posted, but we do make every effort to respond. Please be aware that at busy periods our support teams may take longer to respond to topics that cannot be answered by community members.

Useful Information:
Xibo for Linux Installation
Closing the Watchdog Application
Upgrading Xibo for Linux
Troubleshooting for Administrators



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