About the Feature Requests category

Ideas for improvement and new features ideas!

If you have a suggestion then please complete the topic form and post your idea. Topics will be discussed with the development team at review points during the year, so it may take some time before a decision is made.

If you have developed a cool new feature or improvement in your Xibo fork, then create a topic here to discuss it and send us a pull request!

New Features

When considering new features, we like to have a blueprint for so that we can discuss the feature in more detail. This should be used to fully understand what the feature is, the user story, technical details and as a base for user documentation.

A blueprint template is available here: Blueprint Template


Project development occurs on GitHub.


We’d love to work with you and accept your contributions. For small changes like bug fixes, typos, etc. Please Fork Us and submit a pull request with the details of what you have changed.

For larger changes, you will have to electronically sign a statement that indicates two things:

  • You are willingly licensing your contributions under the terms of the open source license of the project that you’re contributing to.

  • You are legally able to license your contributions as stated.

This is called a Contributor Licence Agreement or “CLA” for short.

The standard licence for Xibo is the AGPL v3. For more information please see CONTRIBUTING.


If you spot a bug :beetle: then please open a topic in the appropriate ‘Help’ category, thank you.