64bit windows compatible & not enough memory to show black screen

As i know the xibo client for window only have 32bit, does it support 64 bit os to benifit more memory allocation?

I created two full screen layout, one for 4k H.264 video. second for full screen image. After loop once, Xibo player show black screen. Found the audit log said nout enough memory.

But, my device has 16gb RAM. only used 6gb RAM. VRAM has 8 8gb, only used 1gb. I/O low processing, CPU low processing. Swapfile set to 4Gb. Still show not enough memory.

Any idea on it?

Xibo CMS: 3.3.3
Xibo Client: R301


I think I’ve been facing the same issue, my device has 16G RAM, and a dedicated display card.
I checked while the black screen occurs, my task manager showed that the memory is aruond 50%.
However from the log, it showed a “Not enough memory” exception.

Any help on this issue? Thanks