4K Android player - what is the status


some years ago I already asked for a Android Player for Xibo which renders the GUI and Xibo APP in real 4K. Because I hate to use Windows PCs, I’m still interested in an Android Player. I found some news that with Android 12, the GUI and APPs can be rendered in 4K. Is that something Xibo is working on?


ok, maybe only an Android TV 12:
“4K UI is available for testing on the Android TV emulator - on the emulator and any device that has 4K UI enabled, any app that targets SDK 31 or above will be rendered with 4K UI.”

As you’ve identified, this is an android problem rather than a Xibo one.

Good news though, Xibo v4 targets SDK 33 (since the first release of R400).

That being said we test quite a few different devices, many of them on A12, and so far I have not encountered any devices that support a 4k GUI.